Ftp.haikuhost.com blocked by blocklist.org

Hi all,
recently, I wasn’t able to load any files from ftp.haikuhost.com, neither with any browser nor with a ftp-client.

Now i figured out that the IP ( is blocked by PeerGuardian, which uses the blocklists from Phoenix Labs. The entry is in the range of “Beyond The Network America, Inc” (http://test.blocklist.org/labels/12636).

I’m willing to write a comment to the devs if it’s neccesarry, but I’m not that good in writing in English (as you may have guessed ;-)).

Or are there any other plans, chances, or possibilties?

Cheers, Julius from Germany

You could try merging the latest exclusions list into your PG rules. If that doesn’t work, I would contact the publisher of the list to have the IP removed. It seems there are more than a handful of legitimate IPs in that range, so you probably aren’t the only one they would be hearing from.

Okay, where do I find this exclusions list? I will report this IP to the publishers…

Well, just as there is no one blocklist, there is no one exclusions list. I use the one from Bluetack; their Blocklist Manager program might be of interest to you.