Front page - Ticket Updates

From the front page ( it looks like the Ticket Updates tab never loads the last couple of days for me. I tried with Chrome and IE11.
Others having this problem?

The certificate for isn’t valid any more, this has been noticed and should be taken care of soon.

That might also explain why pkgman is not working on the Haiku repo in either x86_gcc2 or x86_64 (across different hrevs).

There’s also the inability of haikuporter to resolve dependencies from haikuports for any package building. It should be up soon enough - patience.

Hope that’s it, though I was able to update a newer Haiku, only older hrevs had problems (maybe that snapshot of the repository has been deleted?). Kind of annoying that it breaks installing from a local .hpkg file. Worked around it by doing “pkgman drop Haiku”.

I agree, it is annoying. I put up a enhancement ticket a while back asking for a --norefresh switch in pkgman: