Freeze on the boot screen with latest nightly and beta on x210

Hello, I’m trying to boot Haiku on x210 (i7-8650U) with nvme drive.
UEFI mode only:
build 53113, 53112: When I try to boot with usb 3 port it hangs with: “did not find any boot partitions”
If I use the usb 2 port, it hangs on the rocket.
build 53000, release iso: hangs with vm_page_fault

Hang on the rocket usually means a problem with a graphic card. Try entering bootloader and enabling Use fail-safe graphics driver. See

Also file a ticket for this problem at

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I was holding shift right after UEFI boot selection
and when the first image appears, no boot menu whatsoever.
Aaaand. I tried the CSM (legacy boot) mode, it launches, and I can open the boot
and it works with UEFI mode when
the CSM is enabled.
USB 3 has the same problem in legacy mode.

Shift doesn’t work in UEFI loader, you have to hit space several times to get to the bootloader menu.

Thank you for your support!
One more question: I should open separate ticket for the issues?

Yes, one issue per ticket.

I created two separate tickets.
Still I wanted to edit them as I haven’t mentioned that I used the latest dev builds.
And I don’t understand how to edit the issue.

Only developers can edit them, so just add more info in the comments.