Freeze on install

I recently burned a disc image using imgburn and verified it. The CD boots and I see the Haiku splash screen. After I see this screen I watch the icons light up and then it all freezes. I have tried rebooting and holding down the Shift key and selecting boot from CD. At the moment the laptop does have Windows XP on it. I had planned on installing directly over the partition containing XP. I made a bootable USB drive that had 2GB of space. So I should be able to install to that. Regardless, it still freezes on boot. If I let Windows XP boot I can play an audio CD in the disc drive so it seems to work. Any ideas on how I can get Haiku to finish loading?

You should try some of the safe mode settings (not the same as “Select fail safe video mode resolution” on main boot menu).

Also if all else fails try “Enable on screen debug output”, this might give hints to what is happening. You could also try search on for “freeze while booting” or the likes and see if you can find any workarounds.

Check BIOS settings such as plug and play OS.