Freecad? Has it been ported?

It is an awesome Journey so far:
USB boot on the installation media fails so had to install Haiku from ARCH installation media, presumingly because because the surface has only USB3 ports.
So did the mix of guides “installing from linux” + “UEFI boot” and got it booting from refind.
So it is running, but it is cut off from the world - usb_ecm woes, so no networking from the surface dock and no way to get wifi because no network connection
And can’t change the display resolution, so it is a lot of squinting at the screen reading from a 12.3 inch screen - stuck in vesa mode without capability of resolution changes.
Oh, and shutdown hangs, possibly need to disable ACPI.

So I definitely need to sort this out before moving to QT and application porting…

If you meant the wifi firmware package: it wouldn’t help you, because thats only for pretty old wlan chips.

The Surface is a highly proprietary piece of hardware.

There is the surface kernel addendums to enable linux on the surface properly, I will use those/port
And the wifi firmware is from marvel, I will see where I can find something.
But right now I have an isolated booting haiku that does not want to switch off :smiley:
So installing finalizing my arch installation to build haiku, otherwise I can’t build anything in it

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This is incredible! Well done! One piece of software I really need to be able to use on haiku. Will it be in haikuports?

Kicad for Haiku?

dude, this is badass !!!, have you tried the Real thunder branch ???

fixes the face toponaming issue.

is Cura open source ? having a good slicer engine would be great for 3d printing. I’ve had to move over to fusion 360, freecad has to many use ability issues for my workflows.

I’ll probably donate a few $ somewhere to fund improvement.a haiku specific fork would be awesome !!! especially if it had a really intense rethink of the worl flow and fixing a lot of the menu and command structure to work like more contemporary software.

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@3dEyes is your port available anywhere?

I have ported all the dependencies and FreeCAD itself, but it is completely useless since all the modules require PySIDE to work. I haven’t been able to build it yet.


Thanks for the update, good to know the status and what needs to be done.

i have a seething hatred of python, it’s a god damned virus and it makes everything into a mess.