Freecad? Has it been ported?

I’ll have to wait

so… did latest gcompris has same fate?

Given these news:
Mesa 21.0 is now working with Haiku for software OpenGL rendering – OSnews
This means we now have opengl support, so the issue is probably recompiling and some minor code changes in QT, but don’t take my word for it, I barely write code anymore :smile:

OpenGL is available since long on Haiku, but it is not that simple. Somebody have to implement support for OpenGL contexts in Qt. At least thats what 3DEyes told last time AFAIR.

What do you mean?
OpenGL contexts are native to QT since version 5.0
QOpenGLContext Class | Qt GUI 5.15.7

Do we need to build the latest version in Haiku?

Please start to work on it so we can port some useful programs, thanks.

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That’s a tall order.
I haven’t used Haiku but I did love BeOS back in the day and I am going to work on some ports, but my time is limited.
So I can try, but no promises, I am already writing a document to do triple secure boot on my surface pro 4, which means I am in the process of doing the triple boot.

This will be refind + Windows + Arch + Haiku
This also means porting the surface kernel to Haiku:
GitHub - linux-surface/linux-surface: Linux Kernel for Surface Devices

What? Explain.

All computers have what’s called a BSP - a board support package.
Usually this will be register maps, drivers, firmware etc…
This is separate and installed on top of the OS, in any OS to allow the full functionality of the hardware such as graphics acceleration, camera, touchscreen, etc etc
And I do want free cad and 3D printing stuff and a decent browser so it means QT and the surface kernel for my machine

But how is this “porting to Haiku” ?

It will enable surface users to use the hardware fully of the Surface on Haiku.
Does it benefit Haiku per se? no.
Does it benefit the Microsoft Surface users and help some take the leap to Haiku? yes

But the whole reason people want an operating system is to run their applications, be it a browser, video editing software, audio editing, writing documents, watch movies, etc
But what is the point of an OS with limited hardware support? not much, it becomes underpowered

So you want to port the drivers to make Haiku fully usable on Surface hw?

That is my goal, I assume many of those exist already in Haiku.
But I don’t know Haiku’s driver discovery process.
These days most are on some sort of pci bus, sometimes you can’t see the correct PCI id’s.
Linux is great for this, I was doing some work on another OS - a real time OS to enable the network driver which was already there but it did not have the correct PCI ID in the code so it was a simple fix of adding it in.
It get’s tricky if you need to port drivers, I used to develop device drivers in linux so I am somewhat familiar with ioctl calls, etc
A good example of screen settings for the surface:
linux-surface/surface-4.19.config at master · linux-surface/linux-surface · GitHub
these are build flags to pull some sort of code

Good luck to your jurney.

I was considering it, I will probably start with the QT :smile:
it makes more sense to have the usable freecad and other apps than to have the extra features on the surface…

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Might make more sense to fix the qtopengl addons for qt 5+. Because it looks like a gpu driver is coming

As of qt5.9xxxx iirc they switched to a internal drawing system and offer a few render engines via spir-v, theres a qt vulkan backend to iirc

Not fresh on exactly what they have done last few years

It is an awesome Journey so far:
USB boot on the installation media fails so had to install Haiku from ARCH installation media, presumingly because because the surface has only USB3 ports.
So did the mix of guides “installing from linux” + “UEFI boot” and got it booting from refind.
So it is running, but it is cut off from the world - usb_ecm woes, so no networking from the surface dock and no way to get wifi because no network connection
And can’t change the display resolution, so it is a lot of squinting at the screen reading from a 12.3 inch screen - stuck in vesa mode without capability of resolution changes.
Oh, and shutdown hangs, possibly need to disable ACPI.

So I definitely need to sort this out before moving to QT and application porting…

If you meant the wifi firmware package: it wouldn’t help you, because thats only for pretty old wlan chips.

The Surface is a highly proprietary piece of hardware.

There is the surface kernel addendums to enable linux on the surface properly, I will use those/port
And the wifi firmware is from marvel, I will see where I can find something.
But right now I have an isolated booting haiku that does not want to switch off :smiley:
So installing finalizing my arch installation to build haiku, otherwise I can’t build anything in it

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