Freebsd get 0.01% pc market

freebsd get 0.01% pc market

PC market
windows 72.52%
Mac OS 14.68%
linux 4.05%
chrome OS 2.27%
freebsd 0.01%


i guess freebsd have half million pc users .
there are 8000000000 people living in earth.
so, 0.01% is half million users.

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Remember that not every single human being own a computer, neither able to use another’s, so the numbers should be lower.

It’s like the food chain: the higher, the fewer.

What about people that have multiple computers, and multiple OS installs? Do they get counted many times? Do embedded devices count? Each playstation runs FreeBSD.


I presume the techniques used by the researchers (probably browser reporting) would not be able to determine the percentage running Plan9, Amiga derived OS, and most important to us, Haiku? It would be fun to see the chart at a scale that compares niche OS.


Modern ones run linux.

But they won‘t count playstations towards „pc market share“ in any case.

I’m impressed with Linux. I thought it was on one percent. Four percent is good.


I am not sure which modern ones you are referring to, but both the PS4 and PS5 run Orbis OS, which continues to be based on FreeBSD (version 11 apparently).


the rest part is unknown as 6.47%

If it’s based on browser usage, it’s probably clouded by spoofing. My Linux box uses the Brave browser which claims to be Chrome.

Brave is basically Chrome.

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Just like WebPositive basically is Safari?

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AFAIK, Brave uses the same rendering engine and the same renderer as Chrome, whereas WebPositive uses the same engine, but a different renderer (BeAPI-based). That is how Epiphany, despite using the same engine, works better than WebPositive for YouTube, etc.
Compatibility-wise, Brave and Chrome are the same.

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Now you’re splitting hairs. I’m pretty sure WebPositive spoofs Safari though.

We have “WebPositive” and “Haiku” in the user agent. But we also have MacOS and Safari. And Chrome. And Mozilla. And KHTML. And Gecko. Well, this is how user agents work everywhere else, so it doesn’t count as spoofing.

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However accurate this survey is (or any survey for that matter), the fact is we are dwarfed by the worst operating system ever, even though in this case they say it takes over “only” 72.52% of the market. I expected more than that, given the unethical pushing to use a spyware pretending to be a (buggy) “operating system”.

However, being dwarfed by a crappy OS is not necessarily a bad thing. Imagine if Haiku or BSDs were very popular… They would probably have to adapt accordingly by “streamlining” everything, and adopting the “we hate programmers” mentality.

Brave basically is Chrome under-the-hood.

That is OBVIOUSLY Haiku. :grin: