Free Pascal

Hi there, I’m looking into bringing fpc to 64bit, so far that one seems to be ok.
Question now, currently the recipe for 32bit is only enabled for gcc2, would it be better to use gcc8 (and disable the gcc2 one)?
I’m not sure how many (if any) users are using it now, so would be good to know up front. :slight_smile:


EDIT in continuation for the post at Lazarus (delphi alternative) - #27 by Begasus

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I think that GCC 4+ should be used by default for all 32 bit x86 software, that is not native BeOS/Haiku software.


Would make updating the current recipe easier (no moving around binaries etc), it still builds for gcc2 so if it’s disabled someone can still build it for themselves.

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I think gcc8 should be used. The compiler itself can be built with gcc2, but then it creates some confusion with Pascal libraries like qt4pas (Qt binding for freepascal) which needs Qt which is only available for gcc8.


wip …

  1. cleanup fcp_bin (atm empty $docDir/example is made) will leave that out as we only want the example files in the fpc package
  2. cleanup fpc, maybe move the examples in a seperate fpc_example subpackage …
  3. create a fpc_source package

UPDATE fpc-3.2.2 seems to be in working order fpc_source-3.2.2 also, you just need to use export FPCDIR=/boot/system/lib/fpc/3.2.2/src/ to have fpcmake working, will try to see if I can get this thing ready to merge :slight_smile:
I am able to build lazarus almost (fails linking against libQt5Pas, @s40in any thoughts on how you managed to link it there?)

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@Begasus ,

Maybe that has something to do with the issue I’m seeing with Lazarus. Always throws an Error while Linking, when I try to build CudaText. Not sure though. In the end CudaText builds, so it’s a bit of a strange thing.
I’ve checked the forums and some people say that after reinstalling Lazarus it works (on Linux), some say it doesn’t. It’s still present after reinstalling in my case.


Thanks on that update so far @roiredxsoto I’ve grabbed Lazarus from HAKILO and it does indeed start up fine, on the other parts I’ll leave those up to you :wink:
ftp_finished building on the buildbot, fpc is building atm (32bit and 64bit), if those are finished I’ll push the recipe for fpc_source

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Aaaand… FPC updates through SoftwareUpdater to your new version, “but”:

Looks like until the sources are available the mix doesn’t work. Will check again when the new sources are available through Haikuports (uninstall everything and reinstall everything).


You were a bit to fast :wink: just merged fpc_source, check for when it’s finished at:

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Nope… wasn’t me, it was Haiku’s SoftwareUpdater… it decided that should update FPC, didn’t give me the option to hold it until you push the sources… :joy:

Damned SoftwareUpdater! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


AFAIK it doesn’t launch itself :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s almost there :wink: