Fre:ac icon

Any one know if the develper of fre:ac is active in haiku anymore? I create a icon for fre:ac, but he does not aswer to my mail.

Last merge on haikuports is from 19 Apr 2020

You could create a PR with an updated resources.rdef (maybe add the IOM file to as well).
If you’re comfortable with pull-requests, just add a ticket with those files at the github’s bugtracker.

Herevis the icon to see

I need to look

That should’ve been “If you’re not comfortable with pull-requests,…” of course :slight_smile:

Would be nice (if you can’t upstream) to provide an iom file :slight_smile:

Ok i will do

Klappt nicht mit dem git upload. Ohne Hilfe keine Chance. Einfach nicht logisch fĂĽr mich. Warum muss git so kompliziert sein?

Doesn’t work with the git upload. No chance without help. Just not logical to me. Why does git have to be like this?

what do you mean by git upload? that’s not a git command i know (or my git binary knows about)

  • Fork their repository
  • clone the forked repository localy (you should find the link on your github account)
  • make changes (eg add the iom file where it should go)
  • git status (will show you if there are changes)
  • git add (add the change you made and mentioned with “git status”)
  • git push origin (if you didn’t create a new branch this will be “master”)
  • then go your fork at github and you should see the change there
  • github will add an option to create a PR to the forked repository

Those should be the basics to upstream the iom file


Old article may help:

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No helps not, because it is based to you account. I have tried it but no success

Obviously, where I used my github user as example, you’ll have to use your own…

Icon is uploaded on git but can not create the package to test. Anyone can check?

Thanks to lorglas to help to make one solution of all other half complete tutorials around.

I’d appreciate if you shared what exactly is missing from the tutorial. Others may have run into the same issue and were just too timid to ask in the comments of the blog post.

I hope i get all back in my mind:

-need to instal haikuporter
-need to create the config folder and config file
-need to create the config/settings file

I need to reproduce all, because i do not understand all in need to do.

All that has nothing to do with creating a PR. If you make PR specifically to haikuports and want to test the changed recipes, then you need to install/configure haikuporter.
Here’s another blog post dealing with that:

Why not help Lelldorin and upload/push the Icon for him?
Thanks Humdinger and Begasus

Only needs to ask :slight_smile:
So far the icon has seen a PR at haikuports whereas it would be better to try to upstream it to freac?

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