Found my old time BeOs CD

As I stated on my first post, i came back because I was one of those random BeOS users from the old times, and took some time this weekend in my parent’s place looking for the old CDs from magazines.

It was a CD released with PcActual Magazine dated in May 2000 (Magazine no.45)

Just run that cd again with success and tried to install :stuck_out_tongue:

After digging it on the net (i dont have the printed magazines anymore), i found the magazine online here:

From page 98 to page 102 it analyzed Beos 5 ( “Beos 5, a serious toy , reviewed”).

Unfortunately, it’s only available as image, so not google translatable, but i found it fun to share, anyway.


Here’s a screenshot of my BeOS install being hosted by ReactOS running in VirtualBox.


Hi! Very nice topic. I got to know BeOS through Zeta… and also thanks to a Spanish magazine. I do not remember the name but the magazine “Hackers” (I think) included a Zeta live CD once. The article also mentioned BeOS and Haiku. In fact, I still have that magazine too. I have included a picture of it below:


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Tried and tried to capture what I have, don’t have a digital camera, only have a flip-phone, the camera doesn’t take close-ups at all, way too blurry.

I have:

  • BeOS 5 Pro Edition (x86 and PowerPC) by GobeSoftware, dated 2000.
  • The BeOS Bible (916 pages), covers version R4 of BeOS on Intel/PowerPC, dated 1999.

Sure I had an older version at some point, could not find anything.