Found a bug: where should I post it?

Hello everybody,

Yesteryear or so, I was experimenting with Haiku R1 Alpha 4. I made a wireless WPA2 encrypted internet connection successfully, but after rebooting, my internet connection was gone and I couldn’t set up a new internet connection anymore. Recently, I have been interested again in Haiku, so I had the idea to post this bug. I have to say that because it’s a long time ago that I found this bug, so I don’t know a lot of details anymore.

Is this the right place to report bugs?


First of all Alpha 4 is verry “outdated” there where a lot things chaned

I would suggest to try out one of the lates nightlys (watch out a lot of stuff changed since Alpha 4 so you can keep your data stored on the alpha 4 partition)

If the behavior is still present:

Here is the link to the bugtracker wiki.

i would suggest that you first check the logs and aso do a listdev to find out the vendor and id of your wifi device.

When will a new alpha version come out?

Here’s the forum topic:

Also, welcome : ).

Thank you!

So if I want to buy the CD, I better wait half a year with that for R1alpha5?