Forum moderation culture

Some observations:
Moderators should be moderate.
Moderators should not attack other people just because their personal opinions differ.
The moderator should not abuse his authority in any way.
Moderators should always explain the reasons for their actions next to where they remove or move other people’s comments.


Moderators are human too.

This has been discussed many times already.
If posts are moved, it’s to maintain things on topic. People are passionate; it is not unusual that another topic emerge from a discussion. If you don’t act soon enough, it makes threads difficult to understand. There’s a link to the new topic so it’s not a big deal anyway.

IMHO, problems are coming from the flagging feature. On a forum like this one, people are from all over the globe and not everyone is fluent in English. Unfortunately translation tools are also far from perfect. Add mixed topics and it can become explosive. This is leading to misunderstandings and flags.
Any forum user that has been around for a little while can flag a post and the post will be hidden.
Moderators can decide after review that the post should appear if it was not arming and was bringing something to the topic.
Sometimes moving posts in separated topics is the best way to preserve them from flags and being hidden.