Format of files

What is the format of files of Haiku ? I heard that this system was ELF on Linux. I don’t know about it ! Like that, if it is a similary system, it is possible to translate Linux software on Haiku ? (i believe???)

ELF is just a standardized container for code. There are major differences between Linux and Haiku. What Haiku is striving for is a high level of general source-level compatibility, so that most low-level source code will be possible to use, making Haiku applications, without much editing & work-arounds in the code. Running Linux -binaries-, such as KDE and Gnome applications, flash browser plugins, or whatever, is another level of complexity. It would require making Haiku look & work (to software) like Linux, which is a lot of work and not necessarily desirable.

Something to read, perhaps: