FooBillardplus failed to run

foobillardplus 3.42.0-2 haikuports-x86_64
on r4_beta current stable is not running properly.
It crashes soon after launched.

Use the HaikuPorts issue tracker. Describe as much detail about your system configuration and be ready to test if they find the bug.

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Katajikenai. I’ll post there as soon after I learned how.

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Start in Terminal


Welcome psw!

You can refer to Reporting bugs. It’s intended for filing bugs of Haiku itself (yours might be), but the gist about debug reports and syslog applies to 3rd party bug reports as well.

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Tested new build of foobillardplus 3.42.0-3 on Haiku x86.

  • Launching worked with desktop GUI and Tracker.
  • No crashes on launch and game exit.
  • Game sound/music worked.
  • Need to fix game manual not launching in browser (i.e. WebPositive).