Font problem in arduino app

I currently can’t make a screencap but I get some weird fonts when starting the arduino dev suite on haiku 64 bit beta 2. Every text looks like ??? ??? ???. Any suggestions?

many thanks

Yes it’s a known bug in the Java port which hardcodes a font we no longer install by default. Try installing the dejavu package, I think it’s this one.

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I don’t know which font it is, but I downloaded a number of fonts and found the Arduino editor works fine now. However, I need to program a Pixel and needed extra libraries. I was able to add them in Windows but can not figure out how to do it in Haiku.

On the other hand, I find editing text to be nicer on a Haiku system, if I could figure out the library problem it would be another program/environment I never would use Windows for.

I think @PulkoMandy uses it, he probably knows where those libs go.

I don’t, I use only avr-gcc with my own makefiles.

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3deyes is using it too, maybe he has an answer.

As @mmu_man mentioned you can use pkgman install dejavu is a workaround for now.

Rude… :wink:


Ouch! Fixed :slight_smile:

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Thanks, this works fine. :slight_smile: