Font fallback for multilingual characters?

Is there a way to have the system use a cjk font for cjk characteres, a hebrew font for hebrew characters, etc. while still using the main font?
I noticed that with applications like the terminal you need to switch to the font of the language you want to use (including cjk). The webpositive url input also doesn’t display cjk characters without the cjk font being used, although the pages display cjk fine.
Cjk characters also seem to work in haikudepot with the font set to the normal notto-sans, but hebrew (and some other non latin languages) won’t appear until I switch to its respective noto-sans font. Same behavior in the keymap selector and for websites in webpositive.

Sorry if this has already been asked before or if I am misunderstanding something.

We are using the Noto font because (supposedly) it provides all required characters for complete unicode coverage. However, the font is split in multiple files, so this does not work very well, and I don’t know if all variants are complete.

This leads to two problems:

  • We need to find the right font file for each unicode block, currently we have a very limited code doing that: if a glyph is not found in the base font, we try the CJK and symbols variants. We could add Hebrew to that list, or, and that would be better, integrate fontconfig into app_server so that it picks the fonts automatically
  • We have very few feedback from users, except for ones using latin and cyrillic alphabet. It would be great to get someone using other alphabets to help us getting things right here.
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