Folder 'RECYCLED' on flashdrive

why haiku always create folder ‘RECYCLED’ on flashdrive?
it’s kinda annoying to manually delete that folder.

Haiku creates a recycled folder in all mountable drive… it is here that your deleted files go… the recycle bin on the Desktop should be only a virtual folder: the sum of all recycled folder in all mountable drive and when you click delete it is in them the file(s) are deleted.

I think this behavior is unmodificable… leave that folder alone: “What’s the problem?”…

Hi ranggakumal!

What fano wrote applies to “trash” on BFS volumes. It’s normally hidden in Tracker and only displayed when you look at the root folder of a volume in Terminal. I suspect your “RECYCLED” folder is on FAT formatted USB drives. It’s like the “trash” counterpart for FAT filesystems. Windows hides it (just like Haiku its “trash” folders). Nothing you can do about it directly,
I wonder however, if the trash-equivalent of other file systems shouldn’t just be hidden as well by the system. As long as they are “united” in Haiku’s one big “Trash” representation on the Desktop…


thx all.

[quote=Humdinger]Hi ranggakumal!

…I suspect your “RECYCLED” folder is on FAT formatted USB drives…[/quote]

i mean when i plug my USB flashdisk haiku always automake RECYCLED folder, even i don’t delete anything. why not only create that folder if i delete something(not shift+del)?

sorry for my bad english :slight_smile:

I’m not sure, ranggakumal. I guess a RECYCLE folder is expected by Windows and maybe other OSs that handle FAT formatted devices (MP3 players etc.). So I guess it’s done to maximize compatibility.


Maybe it ia a temporary measure, hopefully soon there will be the ability to remove files of mass storage devices.