FLTK apps (The Daily Journal app)

I was a curious on how usable FLTK was on Haiku so I thought I’d take a look at some of the apps that use FLTK. I thought “The Daily Journal” app had some promise as it uses both FLTK and QT. After downloading the source and using QT Creator to create the project, I was able to build “The Daily Journal”. It looks pretty nice thus far.





A couple more screenshots:




This looks quite Qt to me. I don’t think FLTK has been packaged yet anyway.


I built FLTK from HaikuPorts. I agree it looks quite QT. But the source was located on the FLTK site

You could check if you delete the fltk package from the system and then rebuild to see if it actually uses fltk :slight_smile:

Good idea! If it’s QT only, I’m going to try some of their other FLTK apps. I already built D+ which is a Dillo fork. It’s as ugly as Dillo.

Turns out That the Daily Journal is really a QT app. I uninstalled FLTK and rebuilt it, and it runs. Don’t know why the author claimed it was a FLTK app. I’ll be looking at some other apps from the FLTK site.


objdump -x (program) | grep NEEDED

Have you check the app use fltk for program.options, funcionality?

I already patched Dillo but it happened just when their website went down, I guess my patches won’t get in anyway. There’s a thread about it here.

Well their infrastructure seems to be back up… they must have had a server issue.


The Daily Journal 2 version 0.4 is the last version with FLTK as the interface after that it was converted to QT. So no it does not use both QT and FLTK there was a hard swtich a to QT at version 3.

Yes, they forgot to pay for the domain, so it was unavailable for a while.