Flowchart program?

Does Haiku have a flowchart program? Currently I use yED but I’d like to have something native.

…a DIA port would be great ! ;


Well, there is a graphiz port, but it’s command line based.

Long long long Time ago i startet to develop one:

you can get the binary here

osdrawer website…
My Website (www.projectconceptor.de) is down at the moment … if i can finde a lot of time … i will put it back online…

At the moment it supports export to freemind)
But it is alpha stage… so…

Its possible to develop a graphiv backend for projectconceptor and i was in the process evaluating this possibility … but then i didnt found the time to do this.

If you need a packagemanger enabled pre alpha build then you can check out this hpkg (need to be copied to home/packages)

Have Fun amd pls give feedback … it´s an pre alpha version… so bug hunting… is verry welcome.

yEd seems like an interesting flowchart program.
I spotted the name on an Ancestris menu description and searched the Haiku forum) and found a single entry about it.
Apparently it is available (also? For) JAVA, but obviously not programmed like Ancestris, which I can (almost) easily start under Haiku!
Ancestris starts without modification (for Haiku), without installation, simply from any directory ~ GENIAL!
How can I start UNKNOWLEDGING yEd under Haiku?
Thanks for your help!


I had no problem running yED on Haiku, Get the jar file and run it with java -jar yed.jar.
However, drag and drop did not work, and so the editor was unusable :frowning:

I have reported this issue to haikuports but it seems no one is working on Java issues at the moment. And I had no time to dig into it mysefl so far.

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Thank you for your reply!
Zurga from the Ancestris team wrote:
“yEd includes is own JRE, this can be the trouble with haiku”
Unfortunately I cannot test yEd under Haiku because my Haiku PC is not ready for it at the moment (Haiku 32bit not at all since July 30th, Haiku 64bit: WebPositive crashes after starting)…

That’s not correct

yWorks - Downloads → show all downloads → Java

This gets you just the jar file without any JRE. And it works just fine with a standard JRE (that’s how I use it on Linux).