FlightGear 2018.2: a professional 3D Flight Simulator for Haiku

FlightGear is a professional open source 3D flight simulator. You can review 3D visual world flight simulations of various countries and cities through the scenery data.

For more info on FlightGear visit:
URL: http://home.flightgear.org/

Flightgear 2018.2 build was tested on Haiku R1B1 and nightly hrev52525. I worked on porting FlightGear 2018.2 for Haiku for both 32-bit and 64-bit (GCC7+) variants. No build issues.

I reviewed the current 3D graphics capabilities and multiplayer support networking on Haiku which seem fine in comparison to BSD/Linux. What I like about Haiku is that it seems stable with most games I’ve ported to it. Haiku has a cleaner approach to certain things.

Of course, modern 3D hardware accelerated video drivers for Haiku are needed Yet, knowing developers can develop, render, and port modern 3D simulations on Haiku is a great thing indeed. .


It would be nice - and good PR - if there was a hpkg downloadable at that site. Have you contacted the FlightGear people? Plus recipes to have it and all needed data packages in HaikuDepot for convenience.

Nice idea. though i would make it with a downloader in haiku to get the resource files. Seems like this is going to be a small-medium core with huge resources quantity to download / manage.

Good point! Maybe ask in a post-install script to download/unpack the data files in the appropriate location.

I’m working on FlightGear’s download section for Haiku.


  • FlightGear is available from the Haiku Ports collection as games-simulation/flightgear.
  • To install it from source, execute the following command:

# haikuporter -S flightgear --get-dependencies --no-source-package

  • Alternatively, you can install FlightGear through Haiku’s Haiku Depot GUI app or with the following command:

# pkgman install flightgear

FlightGear 2018.2.2 recipe and patchset:

NOTE: Needs a little polish for Haiku Depot GUI/Haiku Depot Server for the displayed icon.The default web browser is WebPositive.


I’d be tempted to keep it simple and just have the pkgman instructions…

Is there a url format for haiku that would open a packaged information in haiku depot??? That would be even better.

Nah, i would swap the order as in “Install from package distribution” / “Build from source”.

Most things are put that way (as in binary release + build from source later). We dont know if some user may want to build from source too (for any reason).

I, too, would remove the ‘built from source’. It’d require to have haikuporter set up and the haikuports tree cloned. Being in the standard repo and knowing that HaikuDepot is always part of Haiku, we can skip the hoops descriptions for Linux distros have to consider.

Concentrating on the ‘normal’ end user, just point out that FlightGear is available in HaikuDepot. You could point to the 32bit and 64bit pages at the Haiku Depot Server, but I don’t see what good that’d do…

All that, of course, only after you PR’ed your recipe and it’s merged. :slight_smile:


I see, you wrote:

It means it isn’t in the Depot yet. Please try to be more accurate, as one could be really dissapointed, if the provided command

not working.

You mentioned earlier, without further patching compilation will fail because OSG 3.6.3. Is it solved already?

OSG 3.6.x is not approved by FG-devs yet. Use OSG 3.4.1. I made revisions here: https://github.com/kenmays/haikuports/branches

Simgear/Flightgear branches are good for now.

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I love flight gear, but I gotta ask… what sort of FPS are you seeing on the software render?

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We demand more info and screenshots and hype and cookies!


This one is great addition to Haiku software! I love playing FlightGear in Linux.

How I wish… the FlightGear port is a work in progress and sorry if this post was misleading in someone thinking “everything” was working fine. I only proved we could compile FlightGear 2018.2.2 on Haiku and get it working ‘somewhat’. We have issues with WebPositive and the Haiku windowing integration with OpenSceneGraph that I hope to resolve in due time.

As for FPS and such, I know the software-rendered FPS on most 3D apps I run on Haiku is much faster than on Linux/BSD. FlightGear uses polygons/tessellation-related/shader rendering so things get slow (or buggy) without HW acceleration and usage (unless you like low resolutions/graphics detail).

Cheers thanks for clearing that up, and i do hope to see it fully live here one day soon. Thanks for doing a great job and best of luck with your porting adventure. Great stuff so far :smiley: