Flight - legacy flight simulator demo game for BeOS

Flight was a legacy flight simulator demo for BeOS. Networked player(s) shot down enemy helicopters as part of the yellow and purple team. Using the keyboard’s numerical arrow/navigation keys and the Shift key, players can navigate their helicopters and fire at their enemies.



Looks more like an arcade game to me than a real flight simulator :slight_smile:
Were there any actual flight simulators around for BeOS back in the time?

Someone once attempted a port of Flightgear, but I don’t think it got anywhere.

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When (if?) Haiku gets hardware accelerated graphics FlightGear is the first thing I’ll try to port. I promise :wink:


FlightGear depends on OSG, which doesn’t provide any video output which could be used on Haiku right now. It does uses SDL2, but only for joystick input, not for graphics. So an own implementation should be written.

Ok, didn’t know that, thanks. But without hardware acceleration it doesn’t make sense to port it anyway right now.

It’s definitely a ‘when’ I would say seeing @x512 his progress. I couldn’t be happier :blush:


IIRC OpenMW is based on OSG and that produces video output on Haiku already. Depending on how much their OSG-based game engine differs from upstream, perhaps some of the work that went into porting it to Haiku could be reused for FlightGear and other games based on OSG?

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Good point, but it seems it uses SDL for video output.

Is that code open source?

Yes, it’s open source.


Link is to Flight Gear, not the one in the title.

I looked at the Flight Gear requirements. PLib is 15 years old and practically unsupported. It’s an object-oriented wrapper around OpenGL 1.x and GLUT.

There’s a patched Debian version of PLib on a GitHub page that dates back to February 2013.

I was wondering about the game that inspired the topic.

Plib is available in HaikuDepot, it is also used by speed_dreams racing game.

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OpenSceneGraph 3.6.5 is also in HaikuPorts but presently inactive. I’ll check the issue tracker to see what the hold-up is there.

OpenSceneGraph is stalled waiting on a native windowing patch. I will probably attempt it when I get a little more time. Unless someone beats me to it. For Flightgear, simgear is also needed and is disabled.