Flexible/customisable launcher?

I’m looking for some sort of launcher that will allow me to specify a list of commands that a user can pick from. The aim is basically to be able to bypass MAME’s SDL interface on a very slow laptop.

For example, I might want to have users choose from the options on the left, that would then run the command on the right:

Purple Software Chess (Psion 3mx):  mame psion3mx -ssd1 ssd/chess.rom
Purple Software Chess (Psion 3a2):  mame psion3a2 -ssd1 ssd/chess.rom
Jumpy (Psion 3mx):                  mame psion3mx -ssd1 ssd/jumpy.rom
Jumpy (Siena):                      mame siena -ssd1 ssd/jumpysie.rom

I don’t mind if it’s graphical or ncurses/text-based.

Does anyone know of something that would do that? Otherwise I’m just going to create a load of bash scripts and put them on the desktop.

Hello. You can try using Yab.

Sorry, I case you are not familiar with Yab: is like Basic, but allow to create visual applications for Haiku. Is not suited for very complex applications, but to just create a frontend for a CLI command, is more than enough.

Haiku Depot Server (haiku-os.org)

Haiku Depot Server (haiku-os.org)

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I like that idea. Better than messing around with bash scripts. I’ll give that a go this evening and see how I get on.

If you need some help ask here or visit our knowledge base besly for tutorials.


as an example here my Alex4 Custom Maps to load and start the program with different levels


The quick and dirty way:

  • Put your scripts in /boot/home/config/non-packaged/bin. Create that directory if it doesn’t exist
  • [Optional] give your scripts some nice icons. If you dont feel like fighting with Icon-o-Matic, the old BeOS bitmap icons still work and there are thousands of them on BeShare.
  • Drag the scripts, one by one, into LaunchBox onto some empty buttons.

Alternatively, put the scripts in /boot/home/config/non-packaged/data/deskbar/menu/Applications (again, create that directory if it doesn’t exist) and they will automagically appear in your Deskbar’s Application menu. You can even create a MAME subdirectory for them if you like.


I recommend installing “hdialog” from HaikuDepot and do a bit of light scripting.
For the above example:



opt1="Purple Software Chess (Psion 3mx)"
opt2="Purple Software Chess (Psion 3a2)"
opt3="Jumpy (Psion 3mx)"
opt4="Jumpy (Siena)"

answer=$(hdialog --title "MAME Games" --radio "Choose your game:" "$opt1" "$opt2" "$opt3" "$opt4")

case "$answer" in
		mame psion3mx -ssd1 ssd/chess.rom
		mame psion3a2 -ssd1 ssd/chess.rom
		mame psion3mx -ssd1 ssd/jumpy.rom
		mame siena -ssd1 ssd/jumpysie.rom

Hi there.

In my opinión yab is the BEST option.

You can easy launchers using Yoshi

Im working in a Doom Launcher using Yoshi for my old pc (less than 1gb RAM)




Thank you to everyone for your help on this!

As I need this for tomorrow, I’ve used @humdinger’s hdialog solution. I ended up changing my method, creating one bash script for each game. They’re all based around a single script, but removing lines for machines that are incompatible with each game/app.

This has got the job done for now, so the laptop is ready to be used tomorrow.

However, I really like the idea of building a proper launcher using yab. I’ll be revisiting this in the near future.

Thanks, all!