[Fixed] digiKam & showFoto crashes on startup

I was about to test my new Haiku PC’s capability in processing photos. I believe there was a recent update that changed something. It was working last week or the week and a half ago.

Has anyone else experienced this?



Any have clue what the missing symbol is?

The package needs to be rebuilt but when I triggered a new build it’s failing because of another problem. Hopefully someone will get to it soon.


Please try in Beta4 Haiku release not a nigthly

This is the opportunity!
digiKam 8.0 was released on 04/16/2023.

We are looking into this, could be related to a change I made to the exiv2 package (at least looking at the log from buildmaster).

Are you talking about the repository or the installation?

R1B4 is too old/stale of an ISO and will not install in my PC. The nightly ISO has more recent drivers and the install was very smooth.

Looks like the change came from the recent version bump for libxml2 which removed some functions regarding FTP, a rebuild for libxml2 with it enabled resolves the missing symbol, not the crash though.

EDIT exiv2 has been fixed, had to fix the cmake config files in order to get digikam to find it and start the build, build for digikam is running atm on buildmasters, once done you should be able to update it to the latest revision, probably doesn’t fix the crash, but should fix the missing symbol (that actually got removed in the 2.10.* versions from libxml2).


64 bit R1Beta4 +81

New revision is being build atm (ImageMagick7 got an update), it wasn’t me this time :wink:


Completed the many updates with a reboot. The updates fixed the situation for digiKam & showFoto. Great work from the developers!!