First post in this forum (I think?)

Hi all,
I’ve been following Haiku on & off for the last ~15 years. The previous beta2 wouldn’t install on my hardware, so its been a while since I’ve taken another look. I’m sorry I waited so long this time. WOW!!

A few days ago I put beta3 on a stick & it booted (on the same hardware that beta2 failed on). It loaded to a side by side duplicate screen on the external 24" monitor that I use with the notebook. I found the appropriate preferences setting & set it to 1080p & it worked straight away. Also, my Logitech wireless keyboard & mouse just work. If they didn’t I probably would have moved on…

On boot, I found the fonts were way too small for me on the 24" 1080p display. So I used preferences settings to enlarge them. Some got bigger but the Tracker & desktop & system menus stayed small. Which put a strain on my eyes for some hours.

Later that night after booting into my MX Linux system, I was finally able to activate my new forum account (on the 10th attempt!, this time using the Brave browser in Linux, the other 9 failures were from Haiku’s Web+, I was timing out - it likely was NOT the fault of Web+).

Anyway, I read on the forum that you have to restart Haiku to get the system menus; Tracker & such to use the larger font settings. (I don’t think I read that in the documentation?) On restart the view of the larger fonts would have caused my eyes to have breathed a sigh of relief, if they had lungs.

Web+ has come such a loooong way since last I used it (it wasn’t really good enough for me to use back then - over 2 years ago).

I haven’t yet put a lot of hours in with Haiku r1/beta3. Apart from the security vulnerabilities inherent in an OS that is still in beta development, & the fact that I can’t yet use my chosen VPN with it, I’d use it as a daily driver. :slight_smile:

That, to me, is REALLY BIG NEWS. The devs have been tenaciously working away on Haiku for all of these years (probably been well over 2 years since I last saw it) & the improvements are phenomenal.

Well done team! I know it is often really hard to see how far you’ve come when you are crawling away at something over extended periods of time. Shame that. The WOW!! factor can kind of get lost on those that deserve it the most.

Note: I don’t know if this is the same forum that has existed for at least 15 years or not? I was a member of “the” Haiku forum in years gone by (at least once), though my credentials are lost (& my memory surely ain’t what it once was). I likely had the username “handy” (or close to it). Doesn’t matter anyway, I wouldn’t have had anything too useful to say back then either. :wink:


Yes, the old forum accounts have been migrated. It’s possible to merge your old account with the new one if you want.

Welcome back, have fun with Haiku :slight_smile: !


Thanks for the welcome. :wink:

Not worth wasting time on searching for/merging accounts.

You guys have got much more important things to do. :slight_smile:

Welcome again

Perhaps are you that Handy?

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YES! That’s MEeee… lol

Well done zuMi ! (I probably would have gotten around to doing a search on “handy”…) :blush:

Merge if its easy & you have the time? I would prefer to have the username - “handy”


All done :slight_smile: enjoy your reunited account :slight_smile:


Thanks PulkoMandy. :smiley: It may help my mental health.

So I’ll just log in as handy & ask the forum software to send me a password?

I have merged the old account into the new one and renamed the new one, so you have nothing to do I think.
The old account I think didn’t have an email address attached to it, so it’s simpler to keep the new one which already works.

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I’ve just done my first login from the notebook computer I’ve been battling with GRUB on, & discovered what you have done. :smiley:

Great stuff & many thanks. :grinning:

A lot has been improved since R1/b3. The devs are looking into moving to R1/b4 in the near future. Welcome back handy! Looking forward to your insights for Haiku.

Thanks @scott_puopolo18 , hopefully I can be somewhat useful.

I made a financial contribution yesterday, so at least I can help to pay someone who knows what they’re doing. :wink: