Finished porting (experimentally) core Node Js to Haiku


I installed the dev package: compilation is going on now. Thanks!


I now get another error:



That version of Node.js that you are trying to build is outdated and it is targeted for Linux. So it will not compile here.

The easiest way to build Node.js right now is to use haikuporter.

  1. pkgman install haikuporter
  2. git clone --depth=10
  3. Edit the configuration file in ~/config/settings/haikuports.conf
    3.1 Change the TREE_PATH to the location of the haikuports folder.
    3.2 Change TARGET_ARCHITECTURE to x86_64
  4. Run haikuporter nodejs -G --no-source-packages --get-dependencies -j4


Thanks. I tried following your instructions but I don’t have an haikuports.conf file in ~/config/settings/.

There is one in /boot/system/settings and /boot/system/packages/adminstration…/haikuporter-1.2.2-2/settings/ but I guess I should not touch those.


Right, You might need to copy the sample config in the haikuporter repository [0] and place it in ~/config/settings/haikuports.conf and continue from 3.1.

[0] See:


Thanks: this did the trick. How do I compile it then? I’m not sure what running step 4 did.


Step 4 runs the haikuporter tool which first looks for the selected port (in this case nodejs) and it automatically resolves the dependencies it needs before actually building it. The extra flags are there to skip some stages for it to build faster.