Finish translations (of BePDF)

Hello everyone!

As BePDF has gained a couple more translations lately, and it being bundled with the Haiku releases, I’d like to publish an updated package including those new languages.

There are a few translations that are only missing a few strings, esp. Hindi (93%), Japanese (98%), Russian (98%) - and Swedish (69%) missing a bit more.

It’d be cool if those could be finished before a release.

There are many more projects at Polyglot for people to contribute translations, of course.

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Long time ago, in the BeOS-era the HBUG (Hungarian BeOS Users Group) made a complete hungarian translation for Vision. Probably it needs to be adjusted here and there, but i assume we could import it somehow. Afaik it used the LocaleTracker backend or was it the Zeta locale backend? Will check if my time allows.

Russian translation is now 100%.

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Indonesian translation is now 100% too

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When exactly do you plan to release it? I’d like to finish Polish translation, and I need to prioritize :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone for getting so quickly on it.

It has been sitting for a very long while, so a few more weeks won’t kill us…
If anyone has a fix for issue #91 until then, that would be great!
How about it, KapiX, as penance for the extension…? :smile:

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Uhh, how could I fall for such an obvious bait…

How much time did I just buy? :wink:


Fantastic work! I tested your PR and BePDF is now perfectly pin-free for all the PDFs I tested!

Let’s see… how about 10x as long as your fix took… rounding up, two weeks? :smile:

Polish translation done.

Thanks, KapiX!

Still some missing strings in Friulian (98%), Hindi (93%) and Japanese (98%). Let’s give it another week…

The new point release 2.1.1 is now available at HaikuDepot.
It includes the 93% Hindi and 98% Japanese, though incomplete. Thanks everyone!