Filer looking for additional translations

Hello everyone!

Thanks to Owen’s hard work these past weeks, a much improved Filer will be released soon!
Filer is an automatic file organizer. It takes the files it’s opened with or that are dropped on it and moves, renames, copies or does all sorts of other things with them according to rules created by the user.

Among other things, Filer is now completely localizable. Before v1.2.0 is released, we should try to add as many translations as possible. Currently there are only German catkeys besides the default English.

Please have a look at Filer issue #92 to find out how easy it is to contribute another language.

Thanks very much!


Hello Humdinger. I will do the spanish translation.

Thanks, un_spacyar.

BTW, Begasus provided a nl.catkeys. Thanks, peep!
And Lan72 did the Ukrainian. Thank you!

@un_spacyar, apparently, there were a few strings that slipped through our localization efforts…

Please get the updated en.catkeys once more. You can load them in CatKeysEditor and go to “Tools | Import…” to import your already translated es.catkeys. Check “Hide translated” to quickly see the new strings.

You may have to update CatKeysEditor which I have just a minute ago updated in HaikuDepot. The old version doesn’t have the “Import” feature.

Also, Giovanni contributed the it.catkeys!


Thanks for the advice! I will update both of them (the Catkeys editor and the en.catkeys).

I hope to get translated it by the sunday.