File sharing Haiku VMware Fusion 4

Hey everybody,

recently I purchased VMware Fusion 4 on my Macbook Pro, and successfully installed Haiku. I am in need of file sharing between my Host which is Mac OS X Lion, and my Guest which of course is Haiku. I do not want to get into FTP or AFP, I’ve used them and had absolutely no luck. Any Help?


Host: Macbook Pro running OS X Lion

Guest: Haiku (latest version)

Software: VMware Fusion 4


Maybe you searching this:

Macintosh File Server for Haiku

i dont know there is something like in VirtualBox for windows quest there are addons for Shared Folders. i dont use vmware

I tried to mount to my folder, but still didn’t work. This is what I did:

On my Macbook Pro I created my shared folder here: /Users/myusername/Other/shared_haiku

‘shared_haiku’ is the name of the folder I want to share.
I then went to Settings and added this to my list of shared folders.

I then booted Haiku
I created my mount point at /home/shared_haiku with terminal command ‘mkdir’

I then opened terminal and typed:

mount -t /Users/myusername/Other/shared_haiku /home/shared_haiku

and I got this error:

‘mount’ the mount point ‘/home/shared_haiku’ is not accessible…