FFmpeg 5.1 on Haiku

FFmpeg 5.1 was released on 2022-07-22. It is the latest stable FFmpeg release from the 5.1 release branch, which was cut from master on 2022-07-13.

QMPlay2 22.06.16 w/FFmpeg 5.1 backend on Haiku hrev56350 x64.

New features (see: FFmpeg):

  • add ipfs/ipns protocol support
  • dialogue enhance audio filter
  • dropped obsolete XvMC hwaccel
  • pcm-bluray encoder
  • DFPWM audio encoder/decoder and raw muxer/demuxer
  • SITI filter
  • Vizrt Binary Image encoder/decoder
  • avsynctest source filter
  • feedback video filter
  • pixelize video filter
  • colormap video filter
  • colorchart video source filter
  • multiply video filter
  • PGS subtitle frame merge bitstream filter
  • blurdetect filter
  • tiltshelf audio filter
  • QOI image format support
  • ffprobe -o option
  • virtualbass audio filter
  • VDPAU AV1 hwaccel
  • PHM image format support
  • remap_opencl filter
  • added chromakey_cuda filter


After update.
Any link from a test playlist causes a media -player crash.

Most likely we need to rebuild QMPlay2 now.


QMPlay2 22.08.21 work fine.