Farewell guys!

This is the point where i need to sail away. Thanks for the nice Talks and for the much help what i’ve got.
Goobye and keep up this nice work!

Best Regards,

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I am very sad about your decision…

…unfortunately I understand your decision…
nothing works right now… everything is working only 90% but the most important parts won’t work.

  1. You cannot print your work… even worse: there is not PDF translator to print your work to file! This leads to the next point: There is no app you can actually work an distribute your work with.
    Scribus the layout program is a way out if you need a programm to do some kind of office suite…
    even more Scribus can do a lot more and better, but it fails speed right now

  2. ffmpeg is not working as is suspected to do… you cannot convert movie files! You cannot record your screen. There is no way to work with your video files…

  3. With Blender you could do Video editing… 3D stuff like that… it became very famous right now.
    It was working with Beos 4.5 very well! But now it it useless!

  4. Pictures… There is no Program working with large sized pictures right now… Even with Wonderbrush you cannot edit large picture files… So no professional work will be possible to do…

  5. Sound… Sound cannot be edited as there is no working app for sound editing now…
    Everywhere you will be run in problems in using Haiku…

  6. Programming… If you like to learn some programming language Haiku is not the OS for learning.
    You will be advised to learn something like yab (yet another basic) which is (sorry) not worth learning… better to learn JQuery a JavaScript language, you can learn within your browser. Maybe Web+ can do this job?!

It seems like this to me:
Someone is aware of Haikus potential value. but trying to keep Haiku not working 100%!
Almost everything is near completeness. but seems to take to long time to wait for…
so people going away…

Godot with lua language similar to python would be nice to have… but there is no python 3.0 for Haiku nor there is Godot working now. So no fun to just play with Haiku either…

C++ you can learn with Haiku but be aware of using the right compiler commands to get your program compiled! Use G++ or C++ or gcc? Which one will work out of the box?

I write this little depressing story just as a long time user of BeOs later Haiku,

Sadly Haiku is for hardcore user only right now… if you don’t need to make money or If you have lots of time playing around and creating bug reports and wasting developers time for correcting their apps in screen size, fonts and looks instead (Software Updater!)

Better would be just getting things and apps to work! That makes me crying inside my BeOs heart…

So your answer for sure will be like this:
…Go get involved in improving Haiku! Go learn programming and make Haiku better…

But that’s the Chicken and egg question!

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why? Your work is very appreciated by community :slight_smile:

I’m psyhically overwhelmed, did my ports like a convict does his number, but i have no idea, why, i have/had no better things to do.
That’s all folks.

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:frowning: thats bad

what are you going to do?
may I visit you? Where do you live?

Thanks for your contributions and support. Come back any time you want (with or without new ports, doesn’t matter :))!
Happy continuation of your life in other places and projects!

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As PulkoMandy said, thank you for your efforts and dedication to the project.
My best wishes for your next projects, and hope we will see you again in the future. :slight_smile:

Sad to read this… I wish you all the best. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your all your hard work! I hope we’ll be able to meet again in the future, and why not drink a beer (or two!).

So long, and thanks for all the ported fish!
You know, I have Jägermeister waiting when you come back… :slight_smile:

Thank you for all your help - appreciated!

Thank for all your help… i hope you come back next time…


So sorry to see you go Myqlas! We’ve had such good times and laughter at IRC channel, you’ve done some great work and we will miss you, don’t be a stranger and hop in once in a while when you get a chance to! Thanks for all you’ve contributed so far!!! Big thumbs up!

not funny to see you going away miqlas. thanks for your good work and have luck and fun on your new projects. you will be welcome back if you want in the future.


Miqlas! Thanks, brother, for all your good work on porting applications, answering dumb questions, making jokes, staying up late, keeping us company on #Haiku.

You may not realize it but you have been a powerful force for Haiku and we really do appreciate all of your hard work.

Please take a break. Do some fun things in the outside world. Add some things to your bucket list. Maybe involving females (crazy I know). Take some weeks. Take some months. Then think about us and Haiku. Maybe come back then. We would always love to have you back.

Best regards,


You are a friend I have never forgot and that I would love to meet in the future. I shall write to you in e-mail.