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Hello Haiku Community,

I’m placing a theme here to this Marketing Community, having worked on BeOS and HaiKU since Haiku was born. My intro might not meet the requirements of Marketing, but it’s a start.

I own a BeOS Preview Release Macworld and maybe a BeOS Professional Edition 5, but I’ve lost the CD of the 5 edition, so I’m always fairly smooth when it comes to speaking about owning a BeOS product. I purchased these lately.

I’ve also studied a lot on HaiKU, until recently, when I had a look at Linux.

Definition of commerical useage
Now my first point of contact enquiry is simple, namely legimite for profit sales of non software related products made with BeOS and BeOS software and HaiKU software. I repeat, I’m not speaking about publishing code, but what my team makes with any of the BeOS derivates and distro’s that are and were available, including HaiKU and Senryu. This is most likely possible with BeOS, HaiKU and Senryu, but if one of you experts could confirm this, then that’d get my team a further step into towards destination. Allow me to use this opportunity to give you an example. Let’s say, I install BeOS 5 Personal Edition PC, owning BeOS Preview Edition for Mac, in order to produce a marketing flyer with the given operating system and software, then most likely I am not doing wrong using this product in a commercial context. Now if I would not produce a marketing flyer but a music usb stick for sale, then I would still only use the BeOS operating system and software to make a product that is not coding related, and I would most likely also not get critizised for this, unless of course I integrate any part of the given BeOS intellectual property that I used to produce my sales item into the sales product, I comprehend that that’s not on of course.

Software licensing
Now, if I was producing an application using the BeIDE and kits, as far as I comprehend this, that’d be something new for me, as a student for the fun of it, on BeOS Personal Edition 5 because I can’t find my Professional Edition 5, and I own Preview Edition Macworld, and I would want to use this commerially as a sales item, most likely BeOS Preview Edition MacWorld won’t cover the work done on BeOS Personal Edition 5, because it’s a lower number, is that correct or is that outdates, as BeOS is outdated?!

HaiKU is not designed for commercial useage. Now if I produced a marketing flyer and would distribute it as a sales item additive, or under the umbrella of self employment or other commercial organization activity, would that be considered commercial or non commercial.

Then, if I used HaiKU in order to produce a music USB stick that my team was going to sell to friends because you don’t give USB sticks away for free, and there’d be a commercially generated profit from the product that was made on HaiKU, would that be bending the rules or would that be appreciated, maybe wanted by the HaiKU community.

It is clear that software produced that makes use of HaiKU technology is not to be sold on a commercial background, because the Licensing Agreement states so.

I have not had a look at Senryu yet but I am going to do this in response to your first comments on this enquiry.
Wishing you all the best for 2016.

Outcome of this protocol
Depending on the outcome of this protocol I decide, if I want to progress with using BeOS and HaiKU for future learning experience. The given technology looks attractive, but my company has developed very well with Linux since 2013 and I am rather growing with my company this time than that I struggle with HaiKU if there are dubiousities regards integrating the useage of BeOS and HaiKU into a company operating on a commercial background.

Do me the favour and comment on these segments of software licensing regards the terminology of ‘commercial useage’ of firstly BeOS and software and secondly HaiKU and software, that’d be great.

If producing marketing and commercial non software related products is encouraged by the HaiKU community, then I am looking forward to working with you more than the previous years, but if it’s causing my team project progression only struggle and hassle, then I am glad to be informed upfront and won’t progress in any BeOS and HaiKU directed development, as I was originally most attracted by the look of it, 2003 that was, and now I’m requested to provide evidence of company turnover this year, I’m not really able to experiment with an operating system where I don’t have detailed information about its practical use for my company project developments.

That’s all.
Many thanks.

Family Building
Room for two

Spam, please delete.

Haiku (not HaiKU, btw) is distributed under the MIT license. This is as permissive as it gets, basically, and allows commercial usage or whatever you want to do.

There is one extra limitation: Haiku is a registered trademark owned by Haiku, inc, if you want to use it (display a "made with/on Haiku" on your products, or whatever), you need to discuss this with Haiku, inc first and they will decide if they allow you to use the trademark, or not.

An example of a commercial product based on Haiku is They have a page about it: And they also distribute All of this, in agreement with Haiku, inc, so all is fine.

I can't comment on the status of BeOS, as I don't know/remember the exact licensing terms there. Last time I checked, the copyright owner was Access co, ltd (

Hello PulkoMandy

Many thanks for the support, that’s an answer. I take your word for it.
What I’ll do is print a pdf of our correspondence, and keep the printout with my work.

Wo wir gerade dabei sind, koennen wir moeglicherweise jeden ‘Spam’~spucker mal aus unserer Unterhaltung raushalten, sonst kommen wir wieder nicht weiter, das wäre wirklich nett.
Do me a favour, I don’t want anyone in this community shouting and swearing ‘Spam’ at anyone, and certainly not at me and my company (miqlas 2016-02-10 21:53) and at the face of the public, else wise I don’t see why I should be talking here. Yes I am Oliver and I am of good address, and if that bloke’s got a problem with that, than this ain’t my problem at all, because it ain’t, not here not elsewhere. It ain’t stylish for an operating system customer support page to be rude and excuse oneself on fallacies, not at all.

Viel Erfolg.
Looking forward to an improving collaboration.

Weiterhin alles Gute, wishing you the best for 2016.
Many thanks.

Family Building

Hi Oliver,

we try to keep the moderation of the forums to a minimum. I’m afraid you have to live with the occasional perceived rudeness. Your response was a bit heavy-handed itself, so you seem to be familiar with the tone of web forums sometimes.
Miqlas was probably misled by the usage of your company’s name as thread title; a common spammer tactic.

I have to admit, I didn’t totally get what you asked in your post. Are you allowed to use the free OS Haiku to create e.g. flyers for a commercial enterprise? Such a question wouldn’t even cross my mind. It would be like wondering if you were allowed to use software running on MacOS to create a flyer for a non-profit org… :slight_smile:


Hello Mr. Humdinger

and many thanks.
Well yeah, you’re not living where I’m living, but I’m getting along. The only struggle is not to waste too much time on such strugglemaking nuisance.

Most likely there’s a reason why I’m having stupid questions first, hope you don’t mind me proceeding. The following question again is so stupid, but part of the complexity of what I’m interested to know.

Part one of the question,
Now Haikuware is down, where do we ‘B2C’ users download our software from?! I’m seriously peculiar to know, do we have a distribution portal like Debian does for its community but of course designed for Haiku software, that software that’s not sourcecode in need of makefiling etc.

You being an expert might think you work quicker from sourcecode, but me being the stressed out user rather click and install package by package, can be from terminal that’s not the issue but not from sourcecode that’s causing crashes and failures not worth mentioning now. And that’s the first part of the question, does a Haiku archive of software exist and what’s the link to it?!

Part two of the question
This forum is directed at marketing issues, allow me to use this opportunity to further enquire, if we, the Haiku community, have a massmailing software that is part of our house brand?!

Part three of the question
Great if we do, but taking the possibility into consideration that we don’t, and I’m living on a shoelace too, could we consider making one? As you can tell from this proposal, I’m expressing my interest in creating a project and participating in the management of such a development.

Precautiously stopping the shouters upfront, Mozilla is Mozilla org you’re absolutely right there, my Mozilla goes by the name of Iceweasel and does a brilliant job to.

Wishing you all the best for the last weeks of cold and wet windy winter.
Many thanks.

Family Building
Room for two

The nightly images provide a package management system that can be used with the GUI app HaikuDepot or from the command line command “pkgman”.
If anyone were able to export the newest version of the user guide and welcome page to trunk and this website, I could provide links… :\

I’m not sure if such a software exists for Haiku. As with anything, feel free to start the development of the tools you need. “Mass mailing” sounds like spamming to me, but it’d have to be discussed with Haiku Inc. if the Haiku trademarks are to be used.
I’d prefer an opt-in newsletter, if there’s anyone dedicated to create one… which might be the actual problem. Ideas are cheap, creating interesting content continuously over years is difficult.


Hello Marketiers,

The way I do it is, before anything else, I define ‘it’ a job.
By definition a project is great, but may get out of control, and a job’s a job, may it be voluntary. I’d done that previously and was given response to by Stephan Assmus, dating back to 2014. There’s never been a launch to my concept, because of an uncertainty regards the useage of BeOS intellectual property imagery mainly desktop folder frames, see link following only uploaded to my temp folder for this purpose;


    Question arises, do we offer an ftp where we upload our projects, as I’d be happy and glad to create a folder there by uploading the bespoken job specification first, that then again may as well be amended into project description, development, licensing and realization.

    Stephan Aßmuses answer can be read here;


    Hang on what’s the job specification, ah the modern job specification is ‘Voluntary Marketing Executive’ kind of that, the traditional job description is of course journalist.

    Consequently the purpose of it all is spending some time, hopefully useful.
    Most of my candidates only want to spend some time, because they’d be bored elsewise. That’s the base I’m working on.

    What I’ve done to progress collaboration
    As a first reaction to your response I’ve been grateful and optimistic. Consequently I have dug around our community and found an old Tulip VisionLine de 5/166, that noone uses, so, with 2 weeks of fiddling around and puzzling it together again, I got it working yesterday evening, still on BeOS not on Haiku, as it simply did not boot from CD drive the bios is so much of a hazzle, but it booted into 1024 x 800 I think it was colour screen display, SystemHD backup harddrive 2GB and cable select dontaskme 20GB IDE workimage harddrive functioning on bootmanager call, all I needed for day one. So that’s what I’ve done, of course the desktop does not connect to any kind of available internet yet, as our household is unfortunately not equipted with a BNC network.

    Now there’s an issue with BeOS and Java, I’ve tried getting that pot rolling previously, a timewaster compared to operating Haiku’s preinstalled programming languages. That I am most likely going to have a look at this following month, as the candidating journalist is required to learn the basics of programming his features in own work.

    Consumer orientation
    So where are we, we’re somewhere at the stage, where I’d have material that I may share with Haiku on a designated platform, and that ought to be defined by us next. I presume that it’s most reasonable to comprehend this from the pov of the consumer, that is logging into our personal internet portals, mine is, and finding a link to the backoffice Haiku membership workimage, where I’ve already got my profile as do you, we’d not be corresponding on this forum if we were not registered here. Our Haiku profiles differ from the contemporary social media and also Github, and that’s excellent thinking. But my consumer is most likely driven by his deepest want to see a representation of a social media display resembling my workimage portfolio, nuisance but a matter of fact. I already suggested to lead this interested consumer to the development desk, as does this Haiku internet portal as a whole, where the job description and project goal is briefed.

    I have not found such an option on this visible communities CMS yet, though it might exist of course. I’m not blind. And I’m not the first one to comment in this reasoning, as this platform is over 10 years old now. Do me the favour and respond to this enquiry, if and if so where such a consumer friendly ftp is represented, integrated and respected by your community and the Haiku organization, that’d be great.

    Wishing you all the best for end of winter season.
    Many thanks.

    Family Building
    Room for two

  • Hello again,

    Having applied the appropriate amount of interest in integrating Haiku back into my workflow, I’ve come to the old impression, that displaying so is of advantage regards meeting clients, customers and friends. This decision is non negotiable, no matter what the ‘Haiku Distro Guidelines’ directives recommend and the consequences to improve from previous BeOS projections that failed or had to be paused indefinate.

    The last time I displayed the integrity of BeOS/Haiku and Family Building developments I issued this as part of the issue 03.oumlaute I think, displayed in segments of my monthly newsletter, that’d been the 03 edit, the 03.o re edit. the 03.ou re edit, the 03.oum re edit, the 03.oumlaut re edit and the 03.oumlaute re edit, hang on, 2007 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 correct. Now,

    having taken on the work of issue 4 with as slow development progression as always, luckily I don’t enjoy fast paced digital escapates, I’d already requested information and found some information on and all other information regards the MIT licensing agreement in previous comments on this forum thread, thanks for your support.

    As March has passed I’m messaging to informing you, that I’ve

    • spend some evenings learning about the repository and and am going to learn to integrate it into my developments next month Mai.
    • have done some research on reaching out to potential clients and customers, as well as fans and friends.

    As the Haiku Distro Guidelines suggest to not distribute Live CDs, they’re the experts, then there ought to be the offer of a different means of suggesting project participation, for example the classic ‘installation guide for beginner’. I’m peculiar to know, what the attitude of you dudes and the product owners is regards the inital installation of the Haiku operating system on a random guest computer, is this appreciated or rather avoided.

    That’s the first part of my question, the second being is, if I’d progress with this mission of instructing the installation of HaiKu on the consumers guest computer, without using the means of a Live CD or bootable image being part of the distribution, what are the style guides regards this tutorial. I’d like to make it a between 2 hours and 4 hours tutorial with a quiz towards the end, where I could assess the quality of the customer and fanbase and estimate, if I’m corresponding to a candidate to collaborate with or a consumer to go out and party with, that’s the minimum requirement this tution should return as a reward for my efforts.

    • I can make it non award and offer a certificate,
    • Course features
      Duration Publisher Assessments Certification Minimum Grade/Class Level Price Course Rating
      between 2 and 6 hours yes yes Higher High Secondary School 0 - Free first ever
    • Study at your own pace with Family Building Education

    Now as there’s a priviledge to have and have no LiveCD and a priviledge to have and have no bootimage, I’m peculiar to know, if there’s also a priviledge to train doing the installation of Haiku on a random guest computer, if so then is it worth it or not and again if so then now you’ve already got my proposal. I’m going to progress with the following task this month,

    With the December January February Resume’s in mind, I propose to advise random students and support them to install Haiku on their computers, leading towards a letter of attendance of this house course.

    That'd be my first internet based Family Building course ever and yes I've got plenty of certificates, starting at TEFL ending at School Change Management see attached, there you go,

    Mai 2016
    Display of an integration of Haiku/BeOS into my Family Building workflow.

    January Memo, Humdinger: I'm not sure if such a software exists for Haiku. As with anything, feel free to start the development of the tools you need. "Mass mailing" sounds like spamming to me, but it'd have to be discussed with Haiku Inc. if the Haiku trademarks are to be used. I'd prefer an opt-in newsletter, if there's anyone dedicated to create one... which might be the actual problem. Ideas are cheap, creating interesting content continuously over years is difficult.

    Wishing you all the best for the following month. Many thanks

    Family Building
    Room for two

    Hello again,

    Have a look at my internet portal and check out the Haiku RSS feed to the right below Alumniportal Deutschland.
    I'm a fan of peculiarities and oddities if they're in a framework of comprehendability, reason and social intactness (consequently I'm not a fan of exaggerated game plans of any kind). I like to have the rss feed on my site, but it's far too odd for my surrounding.

    I walked through town today and within a 10min walk I saw 2 restaurants having bins outside entitled ‘recycling food’ by marker, unfortunately not ‘OlioEx the Foodshare Revolution clear plastic boxes’ (I promote OlioEx) but simple office bins; game play of the people as a whole, unprofitable British averagism, we’re only slowly improving, but progress is visible, as that.

    Now then, in another calm approach to improve life’s standards, I’m interested to exchange the RSS feed with your ‘Get Haiku’ download logo

    and kindly request permission to progress with this approach (my bank advised me on the vocabulary to use in this writing, props to my bank).

    Hope there’s an expert on this forum that’s involved in licensing and such stuff and might comment, quote, link, confirm or refer, and comment below in response to this enquiry.
    Wishing you all the best for the month of Mai.
    Many thanks.

    I’m not sure others are understanding the point you’re trying to get across. You need to be concise in explaining what it is you’re trying to do and what the endgame is.

    Hello again,

    and thanks for the update. ‘The end game’ phantastic, {so how did it go, ‘umlautendster’ wasn’t it, so long ago, I think we got to the space and then the escapade ended unexpectedly, we must have been reaching the space}. So you want a precise answer yes, wwooouuuuhhhhhwwwwww… wwwwwwwwwooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhwwwwwwwwwwwwww… I’ve completed my last concept, excellent but a financial desaster, and have taken on work on the new concept this week, of course I have no problems projecting the draft to you as soon as it’s got a comprehendable skeleton. Writing a good concept takes approximately 3 months, and I can only hope for the best and wish you all the luck and support needed too.

    Let’s update this month. I’ve had three quick modern desktops standing around for a while and no use for them. I’ve puzzled them together and all three are now fully operating on Haiku, as of today, to be precise, now. It is going to take me a month to also have my software transferred, mainly specialized software I’m using, requirements for contracted work in ‘arts and humanities’ Nevertheless, I’ve progressed.

    I’m looking at placing two voluntary assistants at these 2 Dell desktops, one’s a workdesk machine, wysiwyg, the other one ought to be more for techies and technoholix, but I have no clue. And I have my old laptop arrange the display screen doing our scheduling, as talked about with Karl von Dorff this winter, that project’s also almost complete, only need an electrician to arrange the power supply, I’m totally working without electricity. Conseqently I want to use the Fujitsu, {don’t I} it’s booting quicker than it takes you to clean up your desk. Nice work so far, appraisal.

    There’s not a lot else I can do at the moment, as it’s already summer season and I’m occupied with income generating work, not my company. Let’s see where we’re at in a few months time.

    Let’s leave it like this. I hope to get back to corresponding to you here with my next months revision.
    Wishing you all the best for the following month of June.

    Many thanks.

    Hello again

    Case study I am an ordinary customer. And I am experiencing a lot of irritations using Haiku-OS, such as
    • system errors
    • fallacies
    • own stupidity {hectic and being not concentrated on the subject}
    • own studitity {being stupid}
    • own stupidity {being illiterate in a subject}
    • hacks {bugs etc}
    • other peoples silliness
    • admin faults
    • indirect speech

    In order to operate Haiku-OS as my workspace, the platform my project team members want to enjoy working on, a temporary bugfix communication network like IRC is useless, the reason being is that not the hexed problem, human made or not, is the annoyance, but the keymessages and indirect language that it dispenses, expecially amongst a variety of language speakers of different languages, and the provocation of further unrest and follow up faults by such hexed fallacies.

    In order to achieve a company growth using Haiku-OS and not a decline by creating an apathy amongst my team members, a different platform to overcome disagreements with the operating system, and tution it in return to operate accordingly again, a platform where long term repair work is made possible; online as well as offline, is required.

    Allow me to take the opportunity of this addendum and create an experimental forum that I entitle

    Family Building = technical glitches
    , may it be incorrect in some of its modules, to first of all create an audience that is capable of corresponding humane under these new working environment conditions and maintain in capacity of long lasting collaboration {without living a panic zone as their circumstances of life and almost at the stage of heat attack every time a system reboot is done}.

    That’s be awesome.
    Many thanks

    Hi there,

    I don’t think that Haiku OS is stable enough bto be run as a ‘main driver’ for a small business asa of yet.

    I’ve taken a look at your website: Family Building and can see that it is a great idea for a for a voluntary work platform. - I’ve been thinking about developing one myself, but I have to admit that my ideas are a little of the grandiose and I could learn from your more simplistic approach.

    I have no idea what you are talking about when it comes to food waste bins - i’ve not seen any in Birmingham myself but I do think it is a great idea.

    I think that there are a few problems with your website - mainly related to design, in what your trying to do. In fact, At First, i thought the portfolio items on your nav bar were adverts - mainly due to the colour and style.

    They could be improved by having their own section, making the statements of each area of your site, and task clearer and more concise, and sorting out the graphics and header for the site as a whole.