Family Building = technical glitches

Hello again,

This is very complicated to start, allow me to continue with this at a later date this month.

FBOliver; So I've installed Haiku and it's booting. Now I copied my data from my Debian laptop to DVD and put the DVD into the Haiku Desktop. The DVD mounted and I opened it, all folders displayed. I created a folder on my Haiku desktop where I wanted to copy my data into. I selected all DVD folders and copied them into the Haiku folder. Only the top folders were copied and not their content, the data; instead of 3.8GB I had 0kb copied. I redid this with a USB stick and it worked. I summon up, there's a problem with my DVD drive and the way it corresponds to Haiku-OS. I have no internet installed yet.

{typical problem analysis by a non computer expert}

I know what the problem is, there’s help forums and this is a worldwide platform, I purposely make use of this function of customer service, as over half of my errors, maybe not this one, require thinking outside of the box of conventional technical advise and customer support. By doing so here, this development is more transparent than my harddrive and more followeable by the Haiku-OS community than if it was posted anywhere else where such matter is usually advised on.

Tomorrow is another day.
Wishing you all the best for the following month of June.
Many thanks
Oliver Spaether

I hope this is a good incentive to progress with.

scrap paper

Many thanks