Facing issues in building haiku webkit

The Readme file on haiku/webkit on github seems to be for x86 based systems. I tried installing packages without the “_x86” part for example for “sqlite_x86_devel” I tried “sqlite_devel” and apparently the package was installed. Installing php led to this error “*** Failed to find a match for “php”: Name not found”.

Yes, php did not make it to the depot yet. You can skip it, it is needed only for the testsuite. You can try to build it yourself using haikuports.

Hi there, thanks for helping me out. My next issue is what should be the various values in the line below:

PKG_CONFIG_LIBDIR=/boot/system/develop/lib/x86/pkgconfig CC=gcc-x86 CXX=g+±x86 Tools/Scripts/build-webkit --cmakeargs="-DCMAKE_AR=/bin/ar-x86 -DCMAKE_RANLIB=/bin/ranlib-x86" --haiku

I am running haiku on a 64-bit laptop. The value set to PKG_CONFIG_LIBDIR is not a directory in my haiku. And also what should I set CC, CXX to?

PS: I was able to install webkit using haikuporter and now I am tweaking haiku webkit source to see changes to get started with my first ticket.

As written on the README:

On a gcc2hybrid Haiku:
$ PKG_CONFIG_LIBDIR=/boot/system/develop/lib/x86/pkgconfig
CC=gcc-x86 CXX=g+±x86 Tools/Scripts/build-webkit --cmakeargs="-DCMAKE_AR=/bin/ar-x86 -DCMAKE_RANLIB=/bin/ranlib-x86" --haiku

On other versions:
$ Tools/Scripts/build-webkit

The second command line is what you need. No need to set anything, the default values are fine.

Oh sorry my bad! I must have not read the README properly. Thanks, it works!

The build takes a long time atleast a few hours. I just made a simple and quick change to see the output. Is there a way to make the build faster for small changes to code?

first build will take long, other will be incremental builds as you want

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