Facebook group

I take my freedom of make a facebook group to all these people who are interested on learn and share experience with haiku os, it surprise me there was not a group before my try, then i think my duty here is tell all comunity we are waiting for you there.

click and share.

Sorry, but I clicked on the link and the first thing it wanted was for me to sign up on face-book. I don’t have a face-book account and I don’t want one.

I know in the past I have gone to face-book pages that did not require me to be a face-book member, can you see if you can set it up that way?

I don’t use any of the ‘social media’, so that’s a ‘no go’ for me, however if you put a link in it to the various official Haiku places, main page, forum, etc., that would do good for the project.

I think it best to keep all serious discussions on the main Haiku pages, so as not to fragment information all over the internet, please consider this.

To some people Facebook is the internet, and for many others Facebook is where they get their news.

Facebook page that links to Haiku’s Website is possibly the fastest way to get some people aware of it. You don’t want multiple forums or help pages hosted on Facebook.

Instead just have the needed links to direct people here.

PS. Facebook still wants me to register to use the site. Not going to happen.

Yes here it is :slight_smile:


I don’t know if it’s possible to not hade a facebook account to watch facebooks groups.