Eyoyo Monitors

Just for info…I just found out that Haiku doesn’t like my Eyoyo small monitors, unfortunately.

The computer I was attaching was one of my HP T520 thin clients, which worked perfectly with my other monitors.

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What exactly do you mean by “doesn’t like”?
Do you get a black screen,wrong resolution,something else?
Most of this can be solved in the screen preferences or,if that doesn’t help,by using failsafe graphics.

If the same hardware works fine with other monitors, It could that it doesn’t provide good intel in EDID.

After the start icons disappear, so does Haiku, just a blank blue screen…

You could be right, but they work fine with Linux & BSD…just not with Haiku.

What is the panel native resolution?


Model ?
Defoult screenmode?
Try to turn on the VESA

Maybe the resolution is wrong or it overscans?

Try picking a specific resolution in the bootloader, or forcing graphics fallback mode.

I have a feeling it is a poor EDID, if it has one, the same happens with Raspberry Pi computers, I have to physically alter the start/boot up file.

Not to worry, I know Haiku works OK on most of my other monitors, (I have a few); just thought to warn about possible problems if anyone was considering buying Eyoyo to run Haiku. :slight_smile:

(I’ve reverted to running Linux with/on this monitor, which works fine.)