External usb Soundcard for haiku?

I never get running my internal soundcard on haiku, so I want to solve this problem with a external usb soundcard. Do you have a tip for me?

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We don’t ship a driver for these currently. This is because our USB stack is still incomplete so the driver wouldn’t work. Sorry, you will have to find some other way to get sound working, and this probably means fixing bugs in the drivers.

What sound chips/cards are functional right now? You make it sound almost as if there are none. But I know there were, not too many years ago. What happened?

Ok, more technical info then. There is a complete and working driver for any standard usb audio card. But, it needs support for isochronous transfers in the usb stack, and the only stack we implemented this in is the ohci one. Ohci chipsets are found on some pci to usb cards, but very rarely on motherboards (uhci would be used there instead). And now, both of these have been deprecated and modern hardware will have ehci (for usb2 ) and/or xhci (for usb3). Soour nice audio driver is unusable on these machines. And I’m not sure you can easily find an ohci card today.