External HDMI Monitor

How can I use an external monitor with Haiku? Is it dependent on the hardware?

I guess you’re talking about a laptop?
In most cases that isn’t yet supported by Haiku.
Some laptops automatically use the external monitor if it’s already plugged in when booting,but then the internal display is black.
Some also allow switching between the monitors during the early boot process using a key combination,with the same effect.
If your laptop supports none of these options and doesn’t have one of those ancient graphic cards where actual multi-monitor support is already implemented,you’re currently out of luck.
Multi-monitor support has been requested quite often already,so I’m pretty sure it will come some day but it seems not so easy to implement,likely it will still take some time.


Surprisingly of all the things that didn’t work, on my 2012 Macbook Pro 13" I could use an external display via mini displayport. Went from the thunderbolt 2 port, into a DP to DVI adapter, and into an apple cinema display. Worked just fine. My laptop is currently needing repair so I can’t test again. I want to say it was mirroring, but I might have closed the lid to get it to come up.