External display on Lenovo Ideapad 520S?

Hi all, it’s been quite a while since i have posted here. The beta 4 is looking great! Well done to all who have contributed. Really well done. :smiley:

I’ve just created a USB stick & put it in my Lenovo 520S. It booted up without issue. I then enlarged the fonts via Appearance settings & rebooted. It is now much easier to use. :slight_smile: Nice looking font display quality too. All good stuff.

I would really like Haiku to be able to use my 24" external display. It is currently plugged in & provides a black screen. Which is better than the blue “no hdmi signal” screen. I had a look in the relatively simple BIOS, & found no setting there to allow me to choose external display. Some, or all, Thinkpad’s have this option apparently & it can work for Haiku.

Does anyone have any suggestions re. this problem? Or is it one of those things that will be resolved when its time comes around?

If any more detail re. system specs are required I’ll do my best to provide them.


I just looked up some of the spec’s i’ll put them down below in the hope that they are helpful:

Processor:- 8th Gen Intel Core i5 i5-8250U

Processor Cores:- 1.60 To 3.40 GHz 4 Core

Graphics Card:- NVIDIA GeForce 940MX

Screen Size:- 14"

RAM:- 8GB of DDR4-SDRAM @ 2133 MHz

An Intel HD Graphics 620, Intel UHD Graphics 620 is used as the onboard graphics adaptor, with 300 MHz of base frequency, & 1000 MHz, 1150 MHz of maximum frequency. A maximum of 32 GB of memory is available to the gpu.

I fear that the nVidia GPU is likely the problem here?

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In my bucket wish-list here also (external HDMI screen), have to wait untill someone is up for the job I guess :smiley:

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@Begasus, Thanks for your reply.

So, is your reply telling me that HDMI out, “on a notebook” is on the to-do list?

It does beg the question though: will Haiku work on a desktop/tower type machine that only has one display that is connected via HDMI?

If so, i could likely use another machine with a 24" display.

I suppose i had better get around to testing that now ish… :slight_smile:

I don’t know the planning or interest of the main devlopers for Haiku, I can live without the external screen for now, don’t have a Desktop PC anymore, so can’t test that myself. :slight_smile: Good luck there (PS, there should be some information already in the forum about the issue if you search around) :wink:

Have you tried forcing it into VESA (“fail safe video”) mode?

Just uncomment line 18 in /boot/home/config/settings/kernel/drivers/kernel then reboot. If it doesn’t help you can always change it back.

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Haven’t tried that yet here, might give it a spin on a next reboot, does this apply also with EFI boot? (eg framebuffer now)

I just got another machine booted up that just has a single 24" display - HDMI out (from an nVidia 1070 Ti card). I haven’t checked it out yet (i went & prepared a meal while it booted). It looks good though, i’m going to go & play with it now. :smiley:


Don’t know much about the Ideapad but the Thinkpad series can boot Haiku on an external display provided that you turn the laptop on with the external monitor connected and you immediately close the lid.
There are also some settings to make this permanent if you have a cable connected without any need to close the lid after turning the laptop on.
So you may try this on your laptop, too.