External 2.4 G wireless (USB) keyboard + mouse = problems under Haiku?

External 2.4 G wireless (USB) keyboard + mouse also for Haiku.
The components of this set I want to buy should of course be compatible with Haiku.
The currently used gaming mouse from MSI is apparently not?
The cursor alternates between optimal and sluggish (better floating, spongy) movement.
I’m unsure (because I have no idea) which set to choose.
The mice each have a switch that can be used to adjust the DPI in steps during operation:

  • 800/1300/1600 (TECKNET)
  • 1600/2400/3200, Optical sensor 32.000 DPI (Rii)
    Can I choose freely without worries (regarding Haiku)?

Logitech MX Anywhere 3 works ok with Haiku.

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Thanks for your answer!
External keyboard mouse sets from Logitech and TRUST (super thin) work great with Haiku. But they are occupied or reserved.
I would like to choose between the two keyboard mouse sets (light and only for travel) from TECKNET and Rii.
I’m just unsure (precisely because I have no idea) because of the DPI specifications.

Any should just work as the keyboard/mouse are pre paired with the USB wireless receiver, & should just work as a USB keyboard/mouse - I bought a cheap set, & it works OK. :slight_smile:

Yes, I know!
DPI… makes me insecure - because I have no idea!

After all, the values differ a lot. Where one mouse ends (1600 DPI), the other begins (1600 DPI), but maybe that is negligible?
I can’t know what happens additionally (except that it reacts faster and more sensitive and vice versa -depending on the screen resolution?) when I press the DPI button of the mouse (Win11, Haiku64bit).
Maybe some laugh here, but I’m confused!

I don’t think a mouse with more than 800 dpi is very useful. 3200 dpi means the mouse can detect movements of 8 micrometers. Do you need this much precision?

It does not change much in what is reported to the OS anyway. Maybe you will have to adjust mouse speed and acceleration in mouse preferences.

Thank you for your reply!
So far I have not dealt with mouse DPI at all.
Under Win11 I use 3D architecture software.
Maybe higher DPI are useful for that?

There is still a cherry mouse and keyboard which are not working correct atm!
To be precise: keyboard and mouse movements work, but no mouse key!