Exporting with OpenShot

Has anyone managed to export a video from OpenShot?
No matter what codec combination I try, I always get an alert that “A valid video codec could not be found for this file”.


hope this helps?!

Thanks, that does work!
Does any other target than “Youtube” work? It manages 854x480, but I’d prefer high quality 720p.


But no Sound here!?

What’s up with your screenshots, mate?

OK, but what about 720p+ resolutions?

My Laptop is almost dead… got to hot a few years ago after forgetting to shutdown Windows that time… I use it for testing only…
Has to cool down after that it will work again.

This is a known bug in the radeon_hd driver. I think it never sets the alpha channel of the framebuffer. This is not visible on display, but it is on screenshots.

Sorry no…
I use a geforce go 7400 graphic card!
Something just get broken after I did not close/shutdown my laptop properly on Windows years ago! I have this graphic problems at boot too!
Nothing to do with Haiku! :wink:

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