Examples for Qt Creator


I have installed the package examples for QTCreator but I can’t access to there by the QTCreator interface.

The only way I found for compile it is by copied the examples directory of QT to my home “Projects” directory.

Is there a better way for access and compile QTCreator examples?


I don’t quite understand what’s wrong?
Is your Examples section empty?


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yes is empty on my virtual machine.

Apparently it work on your installation.

I have installed examples manually from haiku depot after qtcreator.

Try delete QtCreator settings - /boot/home/settings/QtProject/

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Hi Again,

I don’t find the settings directory in /boot/home/
but I find a QtProject folder in /boot/home/config/settings

I think that it but after deleting this directory the trouble persist.

In exemple windows I have this label:
Qt 5.15.2 in PATH()

And a blank page.