Evading windows

There’s a tiny thing I’d like to see someday…

I’d like to see window manager doing next behavior for any window.

:: Initial state

  • here’s only one window.
  • the window is active.

-> Action

  • you press some buttons on the window, the button launches a subwindow.
  • while subwindow launches, somebody IMs you, result: new window.

:: Result in win2k

  • The IM windows pops over active window and you accidently press donate your ass with one click! -button.
  • The subwindow pops somewhere to right cornel of screen (possibly on the second inactive window screen if you have two displays)

:: Result I’d like

  • The IM window pops on the nonactive, free space of the workspace, trying to select the optimal location where it leaves most space for other, possible incoming windows. If there’s good, empty location, it pops there, if there isn’t, it pops over nonactive windows.
  • The subwindow pops over the active app, where you propably click it and make it go away, so you can again continue where you left.

Just popped in my mind when I were working. :slight_smile:

First it took me some time to understand, but thaz a real neat idea you got there! Should be provided as an option IMO…

IMO that would be better to use the InfoPopper, it’ll notice the user without having the new window trouble.