ETA for WPA Wifi Support?

I’d like to install and run Haiku on my laptop but at this moment the lack of support for a WPA encrypted wifi connection is the one thing that holds me back.

How high on the list of priorities is implementing this?


Hi SteveW!

WPA support has been in the nightly images for many months. You may want to try out one of those and install the alpha4 over that once it’s out. ETA: 12th of November.


Isn’t the firmware installation script still required to be ran for some models? That might be tripping up people as well if they forget or choose not to install it thinking its optional.

Sure, installing the firmware will always be necessary for some hardware. Isn’t related to WPA anyway. Info on wlan is available in the user guide and as “Daily Task Guide” (which should probably replaced with the user guide page…).


Thanks Humdinger,

I look forward to the release of Alpha 4.

Do you know how many more Alphas there will be before Haiku gets to beta?

Nobody knows. Shouldn’t be too many if any, is my guess. Beta means feature complete and the main feature still missing is package management. Which will be addressed shortly by Ingo and Oliver. Let’s hope they make good progress and we can head right to a first beta. Our past record of releasing only once a year may just give us enough time… :slight_smile: