Esperanto Translators Needed!

Greetings, everyone! If you speak Esperanto, your help is greatly needed. Haiku has an Esperanto translation which is now 40% complete, but it will not be included in Beta 2 unless it is at least 60% complete. To help, make an account on Pootle and submit suggestions for strings. If you are unsure of translations for certain technical terms, consult Komputeko or your favorite dictionary.

Although Beta 2 will release next month, translations must be at least 60% complete before May 22nd. Please help if you can! :grinning:

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I’ll try to help.
Bedaŭrinde mia Esperanto ne estas perfekta…


Dankegon! And don’t worry if your Esperanto isn’t perfect (mine isn’t either to be quite honest :grin:); all input is welcome!

I would like to remind to all Haiku esperantists that I’ve modified the system US International keymap and made it support Esperanto characters (ĝ, ĉ, ŝ, ĉ, ŭ and ĥ). I find it very convenient to use instead of the system Esperanto keymap.

Additional info (English, Esperanto, Russian and Hebrew) and download link are here:

Czy ten system tłumaczenia mógłby się przydac do tłumaczenia strony www i dokumentacji użytkownika?

Bonvolu aldoni la retejon al la traduksistemo
Please add the website to the translation system

Kiu retejo?

Which website?

For the userguide there is already a separate tool linked from

For the website, nothing has been done so far, it’s possible for the website engine but I don’t know how we would connect it to the translation tool:

Part of the problem with the website is that we have a terrible mix of development documents, guides, etc. that are really not well organized. The development documents for instance belong in the development tree (and only in English), the “third party” development documents probably should be somewhere else (and possibly translated), the “guides” may deserve to be added to the Userguide (if they are not already, and thus translated), the “release notes” and front pages / FAQ indeed should be translated, and the blogs should probably not be (or only “optionally”.)

So, cleaning up the website to the point it is in a translateable state is a task of its own…

[EO]Farite -,14

Tamen ni devas atendi aperon de la traduko en distribuaĵo almenaŭ por kontroli erarojn kaj misojn. La agoj por memstare aldoni la tradukon en funkciantan sistemon ne estas evidentaj kaj simplaj: