Error trying to clone repositories - curl problem

Following the instructions here I get this error message from curl:

Warning: Failed to open the file haiku/.git/hooks/: Is a directory
curl: (23) Failure writing output to destination

Specifically, I think the curl portion of the command is incorrect.

curl -Lo “haiku/.git/hooks/”

I’m guessing that the quoted path should have “commit.msg” appended to it, as in “haiku/.git/hooks/commit-msg”.

Can someone either point out where I went wrong, or contact the appropriate person to have that web page corrected?


Was there a change in how curl behaves when the -o option is passed a directory?

The webpage is hosted at GitHub - haiku/website: The Haiku website. (Pull requests are accepted; please file issues at, you can submit a pull request there.

Your fix looks correct to me.