Error on quitting VMPlayer

Hello there!

VMPlayer complains when it’s quitting.

I shutdown Haiku, wait until it’s finished and then close the VMPlayer window. It hangs at 52% while “saving virtual machine state” and an error alert pops up telling me
VMware Player unrecoverable error: (vmx)
ASSERT C:/ob/bora-34682/bora/devices/mainmem/mainMemHosted.c:2631 bugNr=53156

Does anyone experience the same?
Should I care about it?
I doubt it, but could there be a connection to my other issue, see


Sounds like the vm state got trashed.

Instead of closing the VMPlayer window, you need to use the “Power Off and Exit” option - otherwise it’s treated like putting a laptop into hibernation mode - the entire contents of RAM are saved to disk and re-loaded when you start it again.

“Power off” of the VM will erase all the memory contents just like a real computer when powered off.

Ah, thank you. That does the trick.