Error on boot via usb (hardware incompatible?)

hello i use a intel pen STCK1A32WFC (baytrail soc 2gb ram). i have flash the anyboot iso on usbstick
the boot start i see the icon and the haiku logo. but it stack on debug (and keyboard not work at all).

i have a image about the error. (i cant i post it on nest post)

Strange when i see the usbstick on mint partition manager efi partition is after the Haiku partition and a strange 6mb unallocated is on the start of the partition table… (debug error say : i can’t find a boot partition)

is that the problem? or my hw is incompatible? or the partition table after balena etcher write is messed?

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Please open a ticket at

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hi! thank you for answer me… but is normal the EFI partition is the 3rd? and the strange 6mb unallocated at firts?

Not sure about the unallocated part, but the efi partition‘s position does not matter.

Again, please open a ticket. This is a bug and does not belong on this forum.

Yes, this is normal for the anyboot image.

The space at the start is for the ISO9660 filesystem for legacy boot from CD.

The EFI partition is at the end because it was added later, and it was easier to put it at the end than to move everything else.

@nephele I’m not sure why you closed this. While it’s nice to ask people to report bugs, we can also reply to non-bug questions in the forum, to keep the discussions in the bugtracker to a minimum and make it easier to follow bugs there?


i try with SHIFT for enter on “rescue menu” but without success. i use a usb hub (because the intel stick have only 1port) how to “force” haiku to load the menu every boot?

@nephele #18855 (error on boot with USBSTICK) – Haiku i open the ticket

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i find the way for boot menu with SPACE BAR. Haiku is recognized as boot partition…
i upload another pics (sorry for shitty image… but i can’t save log on file)

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The topic was about the bug only, I‘d prefer a bit more „noise“ on the ticket rather than relevant stuff like the image above now not beeing included.

Why are we closing posts from new users? This is not a welcoming posture for Haiku.


@scott_puopolo18 no problem, i can understand the reason for that. i use forum in the past (and i think is the best for support and other stuff). i haven’t understand why on help we can’t post boot error… but obviusly the dev know is a bug and here isn’t possible solve it. probably need the to be updated the entire kernel? i have downloaded the latest nigthly the error change a bit but stop on 4 step (mount).

I closed it, not Pulkomandy. And I explained my reasoning above.

In the past these kinds off topics have never helped users, only people answering with unrelated suggestions rather than acknowledging a bug exists. I‘m not sire where the fear of the bugtracker comes from, but asking users to perform unrelated debugging activities isn‘t really welcome either.

Besides the bug, there were actual questions here, which I have answered now.

Also, if you have problems with how people reply to topics, I don’t think closing topics where there are no replies yet to actual questions is the right way to go. Maybe we can simply remember people that posting random speculations or suggesting random loosely related commands is goingto make things more confusing and usually not solve problems, and they should think about it before replying. They will not learn that by just locking topics…


hi, exist a way for workaround this error? i can change some setup with text editor?

korli asked you to try something on the ticket. Please keep the discussion there.

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