Enable driver debug logs?


is there any way to enable more verbose logging for drivers? I have a issue with my igp (Intel HD Graphics P530) which uses the intel_extreme driver and in general works absolutely brilliant, but is blanking the display every now so often. Before opening a ticket for it, i would like to do my homework and gather as much information as possible to provide it in the ticket.

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Usually this requires recompiling the driver and enabling TRACE macros (there will be a commented out #define TRACE or similar in the sourcefiles).

Have you tried disabling screen blanking/powersaving in the screensaver preferences? It’s the main thing that could lead to a blank display (and failing to come back from it).

Hi PulkoMandy, thanks for the hint will try to rebuild the driver from sources. Disabling power management / screen blanking, made no difference. The issue occurs during normal operation and it’s duration is below a second, it’s just like the display looses sync for a very short amount of time.