Enable deskbar mini mode

I have read online that there is (or was) a deskbar “mini mode” which lays the deskbar out horizontally. I’d much prefer that to the default vertical mode.

If this feature still exists in the latest nightly, how do I enable it?

You mean like the different modes shown in the user guide? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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This is a old and alwasy available feature from beos and now haiku. Click on the right side of the tracker, hold the button presed ans move it as you like.

No. Deskbar mini mode is a new feature.

I had seen that page of the user guide but I didnt know that what how you enabled mini mode, plus I didnt quite get what I had to do at first as my dodgy monitor obscured the right knobbly bit.

So my next question is can I not have one deskbar button per open window when in mini mode instead of them hiding under the drop down? I want them laid out horizontally.

Are you sure?


Yes, I’m talking about the new mini mode:


Okay - I see why that fixes one of the issues with the old minimode, but man, that is ugly. But “minimode” is not “new”, this is just a different version of it.

Also as an old-BeOS user, I immediately assumed you mean the one from my screen shot. It that wasn’t in R5, it was in OpenTracker for a long time before Haiku. Is calling the new one “mini-mode” not also misleading? Because it looks like it will get wider the more replicants you have on the deskbar. I could call it “compact mode” if I were naming it.

It seems it is actually called “horizontal mini-mode”.
See https://git.haiku-os.org/haiku/log/src/apps/deskbar?showmsg=1

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A cool did not know this, thanks

I wonder how portable that would be to the BeOS compatible version of Open Tracker. I guess I can add that to my list of things to try at some point.

OpenTracker does not include DeskBar code, just the Tracker. I think DeskBar was released by Be separately, and did not get as much attention as Tracker until Haiku adopted it?

I think both were opensourced at the same time?

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Deskbar is part of OpenTracker. The screenshot above is OpenTracker running on PowerPC with the DeskBar built using the code from OpenTracker. The source builds the replacement libs (libtracker.so) and exes (Tracker and Deskbar.)

Here is a link to the old site: OpenTracker