Emulator Fs-uae

Is there somehow a UAE port floating around for haiku? I’m new to this community, actually new to the BeOS/Haiku OS ecosystem. Is it a compatibility issue of not having this port or it’s just not maintain by anyone?

It shouldn’t be a problem to get it to run, so I guess just a case of “no maintainer”.

Try this one and report your success?

  • http://www.emutopia.com/index.php/downloads-emulators/item/324-commodore-amiga/499-e-uae

Cool!! Will do that as soon as my laptop arrive http://www.ebay.com/itm/Gateway-p7811-fx-Nvidia-1920x1200-4gb-P8400-Core-2-CPU-9800mGTS-512mb-/331726559096?hash=item4d3c719778:g:5Q8AAOSwAKxWZKHO Laptop died on me today while compiling llvm/clang on FreeBSD :(.

There is a euae port from beos. Watch http://www.besly.de, here emulators for tutorial for it (included link to download).

Included my euae launcher, watch Website http://software.besly.de and download from earlier pm. I does not have made a build for current nightlys at the moment.

There was allso a beuae gui for beos. Use beshare to get them or check out haikudepot if it is available there.

Greetings lelldorin

Is there finally a proper SCM for UAE where we could merge back all those clones and send patches to?
Last I built eUAE I had to use a tarball, it’s so last century.

I finally got a Haiku/Aros Desktop. I was able to build up to compatibility. Compiling EUAE was a breeze. But, the binary I used from the link provided worked on my BeOS machine and Haiku(Got Haiku installed on a 500GB hardrive with a nvidia 9800).

Any movement on this?
I’m interested to give it a go.